Hamsters are among the most well-liked pets because of their adorable, fuzzy looks, amusing dispositions, and ease of upkeep. They are excellent for people who desire a pet but lack the time or room for a larger animal. Choosing the appropriate bedding for a hamster is one of the most crucial parts of caring for one. This is essential for both their comfort and overall health and well-being. How much bedding do hamsters actually require, though? Let’s investigate.

The typical recommendation is to give a layer that is at least two inches deep for hamster bedding. This makes it possible for hamsters to burrow, which is a behaviour that comes naturally to them. Hamsters in the wild create sophisticated underground burrows to safeguard themselves from predators and to control their body temperatures. When kept in captivity, offering them a thick covering of bedding encourages them to behave in this way since it makes them feel safe and secure.

However, two inches is only a minimal recommendation. Actually, it’s best if you can provide your hamster as much bedding as you can. Their physical and mental health will benefit from deeper burrowing, which will be possible with a thicker layer of bedding since it will increase insulation. Additionally, it allows kids more space to play and explore, which can lessen boredom and tension.

How much bedding do Syrian hamsters need

One of the most common varieties of hamsters kept as pets is the Syrian hamster. The same general rule as with any other type of hamster applies when it comes to providing them with bedding: it’s advised that it be at least two inches deep. However, since Syrian hamsters are bigger than other hamster species, it’s frequently preferable to provide them access to even more bedding. They can indulge in their innate burrowing behaviour and have more space to play and explore when the bedding is thicker. As with any bedding for hamsters, it’s critical to select the right kind for their requirements and to stay away from those that might be dangerous.

How much bedding do Dwarf & Roborovski/Robo hamsters need

Syrian hamsters are larger than dwarf hamsters, which include the Russian and Roborovski hamsters. They also have slightly different bedding needs. Dwarf hamsters may not require as much bedding as larger hamsters, though a minimum of two inches is still advised. This is so that they don’t need as much room to play and dig burrows because they are smaller. However, it can still be good for their physical and mental wellbeing to give them a somewhat thicker layer of bedding. As with any bedding for hamsters, it’s critical to select the right kind for their requirements and to stay away from those that might be dangerous.

What type of Hamster bedding should I use?

There are various options available when deciding on the sort of bedding for your hamster. Aspen shavings, wood shavings, and bedding made of paper are other common options. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s crucial to pick the one that best suits your hamster’s requirements.

Wood shavings are a prefered option due to their affordability and accessibility. However, if not closely watched, they can get dusty and lead to respiratory issues. Bedding made of paper is another excellent choice because it is dust-free, odor-free, and absorbent. Another well-liked option is aspen shavings, which are hypoallergenic and odourless but might cost more than other kinds of bedding.

It’s critical to remember that some bedding materials might be detrimental to hamsters. For instance, hamsters’ livers and respiratory systems may be harmed by the fragrant oils found in cedar and pine shavings. Additionally, avoid using any bedding that has received a chemical or pesticide treatment.

In addition to offering a thick layer of bedding, you should regularly clean your hamster’s cage. This will aid in preventing the growth of bacteria and odours that may be detrimental to the health of your hamster. Your hamster’s cage should ideally be spot cleaned every day, and thoroughly cleaned once a week.


To sum up, hamsters require a thick covering of bedding in order to be healthy and content. It is advised to have at least two inches, but more is always preferable. It’s crucial to select bedding that will meet your hamster’s demands and to stay away from those that might be dangerous. Your hamster will live a happy and healthy life if you give them plenty of clean bedding and a clean environment.


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