Natural Hamster Chew ToysHamsters are one of the few creatures whose front teeth keep on growing throughout their lives. If the hamsters are unable to keep this growth in check, they can face a lot of dental issues and even pain. The most natural way that hamsters keep this continual growth in check is by gnawing and chewing on hard objects, regularly trimming down their teeth to a manageable length.

As for your pet hamsters, you will have to provide them with some chew toys so that they can keep their dental health in check. Without these chew toys, your hamsters may simply end up chewing and gnawing at their food and water bowl or even the cage, which can cause injury.

Here are some of the best hamster chew toys you can buy for your pet at home.

Tips for finding the best chew toys for your hamsters:

  1. Find one without artificial dyes and chemicals
    A chew toy is something that your hamster will actively gnaw and nibble on, and they can even end up swallowing small bits and pieces of them. While colorful chew toys might look very attractive and alluring, the dyes and chemicals can be hazardous for your little hamsters. When you are buying colorful chew toys for your hamsters, you should ensure that only natural food coloring is used, as the artificial dyes and chemicals can be very toxic for your hamsters.
  1. Hamster Seagrass with Hay Balls and Chew SticksMade of natural substances
    When you are buying a chew toy for your hamster, you will find two main options. One kind of chew toy will be completely edible, made of seeds, grains, honey glazing, etc. which your hamsters will end up consuming totally. Another kind of chew toy is made of non-toxic, natural wood. These chew toys may end up lasting longer, and your hamster will not completely consume it before it is time to throw it away and get a new one. However, for these kinds of chew toys, you need to be very careful that it is made of natural substances which will not cause any harm to your pet.
  1. Toys in different shapes, sizes, and colors
    It can be a good idea to pick up a variety of chew toys for your hamsters, in different shapes, colors, and sizes. It merely adds mental as well as physical stimulation and gives your hamsters something to be excited about in their cage. These chew toys are very useful in alleviating boredom, which can turn out to be a real issue for your hamsters who are mostly stuck in their cages.

When you are looking for the best chew toys for your little hamsters at home, you will find a whole lot of choices on the market. The best way to find a good chew toy is to experiment with a few and see which one your hamsters end up liking the most. Depending upon the size of your hamsters, be careful about the size of the chew toy you are buying; too small and it may choke your hamster, but also significant, and it might be uncomfortable for the little creatures.


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