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Giving your hamster a happy and healthy life

We are a team of experts and hamster lovers dedicated to providing the best care for these tiny critters. Because of our passion for hamsters, we have created a community where we can all grow and learn from one another.

Our crew is made up of seasoned hamster owners and lovers. They assemble hamster breeders, hamster experts, and other hamster enthusiasts who are all committed to sharing their expertise with you. We believe that by working together, we can help every hamster owner provide the best care for their pet.

Syrian Hamster eating a piece of plum
Hamster standing next to a delicious red apple

Our approach to helping your hamster

Our approach for forming a hamster care website blends in-depth research with firsthand knowledge to offer helpful guidance and advice for both hamsters and their owners. We undertake in-depth research to make sure the knowledge we used is honest and trustworthy because we recognise how important reliable and current information is when it comes to caring for these small pets.

We gather a wide range of insights on hamster care by delving deeply into the research, speaking with animal care professionals, and reviewing variety of sources. Our website is built on this knowledge, which enables us to provide in-depth guidance on subjects like habitat setup, diet, health, behaviour, and socialisation.

Great hamster know-how & knowledge

Our website incorporates the personal, real-world experiences our team has had, and offers helpful insights, useful tips, and a deeper understanding of hamster behaviour and needs, which we believe will be of interest to all hamster owners.

Our team has experienced a variety of personal achievements with their hamster pets, including developing a close bond with them, working with behavioural challenges, and creating enriching surroundings, just as you and other hamster owners might.

It’s these experiences and knowledge which we would like to also pass onto other hamster owners so they too may enjoy the joys of hamster ownership, in the same way we have.

Hamster drinking water from a water bottle