If you want to keep your hamsters comfortable in their cage, you will have to give them some great bedding. The bedding has to be of a soft and comfortable material which is not harmful to your pets, and you also need to make sure that the bedding is deep enough, as your hamsters have an innate habit of burrowing and digging holes in their bedding.

When looking for the best kind of bedding material, Aspen is one of the first options which come to mind. Here is everything you need to know about the best Aspen bedding for hamsters.

What exactly is Aspen bedding?

When it comes to finding good bedding material for your hamsters, Aspen is the safest option you can go for. Aspen is cheap and can be found in every pet shop, unlike some other kinds of bedding materials which are not so readily available. The most significant advantage of using Aspen bedding is that it does not have any fine, dusty particles, unlike other kinds of wood shavings. The dirty particles can be hazardous for your little hamsters, as they can breathe it in, having lung problems, or they might swallow it, which can give them intestinal issues. It is also dangerous as it can get into their ears and eyes, which can cause scratching.  

How do you get the best Aspen bedding?

You will find several brands of bedding available in pet stores. You should opt for the Aspen bedding due to its obvious benefits over other materials of bedding for your hamsters. Many different kinds of materials, like wood shavings and cedar and pine, can cause a lot of allergic reactions in your hamsters. However, Aspen is entirely dust-free and safe, so you don’t have to worry about your hamsters having any kind of allergic reactions to it.

When looking for the best Aspen bedding for your little pets at home, you should find one which does not contain any wood and paper in it, as these can be unsafe for your hamsters. It is also essential that you find a packaged Aspen bedding which is unscented, as these scents might be attractive to humans, but can be very intolerable for your hamsters.

How much bedding should you give your hamsters?

Well, the amount of bedding you need to put in your hamster’s cage entirely depends upon the size of the cage. The main thing you want to remember is that the bedding should be deep, and should be enough for your hamsters. These creatures instinctively like to dig holes and burrow in their bedding in the wild, and even domestic hamsters carry this habit with them. You should ensure that your hamster’s bedding is spread out over at least 450 sq. Inches, as this is the minimum amount of floor space they need. However, the bigger the area, the better! 

How often do you need to change the Aspen bedding?

If your hamster has soiled the bedding, then make sure you change it once a week. Otherwise, you can change it once a month, which should be just enough for your little hamsters to be comfortable in.


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