Just like any other pet, you keep at home, your hamsters also love to play with toys as well as with you. Due to their tiny statures, you don’t really need to get big toys for them to play with, just something that will fit into their cages. When it comes to finding the best hamster toys, you will find a lot of options, both online as well as in pet shops.

If you are wondering what kind of toys your hamsters will enjoy playing with, then here is a shortlist of the best toys for your little hamsters.

Best toys for your hamsters: 

  1. Hamster wheels: A hamster wheel is not just a toy, but also a great medium of getting their everyday dose of exercise. When you are buying a hamster exercise wheel, there are three main things you need to be careful of. These are; the size of the hamster wheel (it should be smaller for Dwarf hamsters, and a large size wheel for more giant hamsters like Syrian and Robo hamsters), the material of the hamster wheel (plastic or metal), and the design of the hamster wheel.
  2. Hamster balls: Hamster balls can be a lot of fun, both for you as well as your hamsters. When looking for a good hamster ball, be careful of the size, as you don’t want your hamster to feel anxious or uncomfortable inside the ball. It should be large enough for them to be comfortable in, but small enough that they can manage the weight of it and run around quickly. Your hamsters don’t have very excellent eyesight, so make sure the hamster ball is transparent and comfortable for your hamsters to navigate in. Finally, make sure that there are enough ventilation holes in the hamster ball, but the holes are not so big that your hamster’s paw can fit through this, as this can cause injuries.
  3. Tubes and tunnels: You will not understand how much your hamsters enjoy their tubes and tunnels until and unless you actually see them entertaining themselves for hours in them. Your hamsters can spend a good portion of their waking hours only going in and out of these tunnels and playing alone, or with each other. Make sure that the tubes you purchase are large enough so that your hamsters can fit through them quickly and there is no chance of them getting stuck. Of course, you can also give them DIY tunnels made of toilet paper rolls, containers, pipes, etc. Just make sure that they are safe for your hamsters.
  4. Chew toys: Just like your dogs, your hamsters also love their chew toys. Your hamster’s teeth are growing continuously, and they need to chew toys so that they can keep this growth in check. Chew toys not only serve the purpose of entertainment for your hamsters, but they also help to keep their dental health in check, which is very important for these little creatures.


These are some of the best toys you can get for your hamsters for their cages. Of course, you need to make sure that no toxic materials are used in the toys and that they are safe for your hamsters.


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