You already know the importance of having hamster litter for your little pets, but did you know that their bedding is even more important to them? It can be easy to confuse the two. However, they are quite different in their use. Hamster bedding is what you spread around the entire cage so that your hamsters are not sitting or running around on the bare plastic, which can make them very uncomfortable and stress them out.

When it comes to getting the best hamster bedding, you have a few options in hand. Here is everything you need to know about the best bedding for your hamster.

What is hamster bedding made of?

You can buy readymade hamster bedding from pet shops, or you can choose to give them materials from your home which they can use as bedding. Either way, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Never give your hamsters any kind of readymade bedding which contains cotton wool, nylon, or is too fluffy, as it can cause internal problems and even constipation in case your hamster eats some of it.
  • Your hamster will probably nibble on and eat some of their bedding, as it is a habit with these creatures to do so. You need to be very careful that the hamster bedding does not contain any added dyes, colors or any chemicals, as these can prove to be dangerous if your hamster swallows them.
  • Make sure that you provide deep bedding for them, as your hamsters love to burrow and dig, which is their natural instinct. Give your hamsters enough bedding that they can dig holes and burrow, making their nests and creating a comfortable and cozy space out of it.
  • Do not opt for ‘fluffy bedding,’ even though it might look very comfortable to you. The fluffy bedding is made of artificial fibers and can be very dangerous if your hamsters eat it, which they probably will.
  • Avoid using newspaper, as the ink is toxic for them.

What kind of hamster bedding should you get?

Some of the most common kinds of hamster beddings are made of wood shavings or Aspen, which is actually a better option for your hamster. However, you should completely stay away from cedar and pine shavings, as the oils from these materials are harmful to your hamsters if they end up eating or swallowing some of it.

You can also use things like toilet paper, or any other kind of paper which does not have any print or ink on it. These kinds of materials can be quite fun for your hamsters, as they will have to gnaw and chew the material to tear it off and create their own bedding. The entire process is a lot of fun for your hamsters, and they actually enjoy it more than you can imagine, so you can always give them these materials (along with their readymade bedding if you want) so that they have something fun to do in their cage and get their physical exercise and activity by creating their own bedding!


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