When it comes to feeding your little pet hamsters, there are quite several things you need to keep in mind. Since your hamsters are tiny and have delicate digestive systems, you cannot go ahead and feed them with everything that you would eat yourself. If you are thinking ‘can hamsters eat green beans’? Then the answer here is yes! Hamsters can eat green beans.

Here is everything you need to know about when you want to feed your little hamsters green beans. Remember, when you are introducing any new foods into your hamster’s diet, start off slow and give them small pieces to see how they react to it first.

When it comes to your Syrian hamsters, you already know how much these little creatures love to nibble on new foods. If you are thinking about feeding green beans to your Syrian hamsters, you can give them 1 piece of green bean just 2 to 3 times a week. However, since green beans are quite acidic, you should not feed them more than this quantity per week.

Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters are a species of smaller, dwarf hamsters, which means that they have as much of an appetite as the more giant hamsters, but you should feed them much lesser. If you want to feed green beans to your hamsters, you can give them about an inch of green beans just about once a week to be safe.

Winter whites dwarf hamsters are also a species of smaller hamsters which cannot digest too much sugary or acidic foods in their diet. If you want to feed green beans to your Winter White’s Dwarf hamsters, give them just an inch of green beans once a week.

Roborovski hamsters are very similar to Syrian hamsters, which means that these hamsters are more giant in size and more robust. Roborovski hamsters can digest small amounts of sugar and acidic foods in their diet, so you can feed your Roborovski hamsters one piece of green bean just 2 to 3 times a week.

Finally, Chinese hamsters are another species of Dwarf hamsters; obviously, this means that you need to feed them a smaller quantity of foods as compared to the larger species of hamsters. If you wish to feed green beans to your Chinese hamsters, give them just about an inch of green beans once a week, which is enough for a change of taste as well as nutritional value.

As you know, there are about 24 different species and breeds of hamsters, out of which only about 5 are domestic hamsters. The rest of the hamster breeds live in the wild. Here, they mostly have an omnivorous diet and are scavengers. These wild hamsters feed on wild fruits and berries, plants, seeds, nuts, leaves, vegetables, and occasionally, even on small insects, frogs, and lizards.

Your domestic hamsters have a far more productive and more nutritious diet. Feed your pet hamsters exceptional hamster food which you get in pet stores. Along with that, you can feed them the occasional tasty but safe treats like fruits, vegetables, leaves, nuts, and seeds.

What are the benefits of feeding green beans to your hamsters?

Green beans can be very nutritious for your little hamsters if you feed it to them in moderation. These green vegetables contain dietary fibers, Vitamin A and Vitamin K, iron, calcium, and folate.

The dietary fibers are great for keeping good health of your hamster’s digestive systems and regular bowel movements.

Vitamin A is perfect for your hamster’s eyesight, skin, lungs, immune system, and even their kidney and heart.

Vitamin K is essential for bone metabolism as well as creating healthy DNA and genetic material for your hamsters.

The iron content in green beans helps your hamsters red blood cells and relieves fatigue and anemia in your hamsters.

Calcium is excellent for your hamsters bone health, relieving bone, and joint related issues and making them stronger and healthier.

Finally, folate is essential for your hamsters as it helps their body in creating healthy red and white blood cells in their bone marrow. It also helps your hamster’s body convert carbohydrates into energy and even for producing healthy RNA and DNA material.

What are the risks of feeding green beans to your hamsters?

Even with so many benefits, overfeeding green beans can be quite risky for your little hamsters. Green beans contain quite a lot of acid and phosphorous, which can be dangerous for your hamster. Overfeeding green beans can also cause your hamsters to develop stomach and digestive issues, such as constipation or diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration. It can also cause stomach upset, bloating, and gastric related problems. It is vital that you feed your hamsters green beans in moderation, according to their specific breed type, to avoid these risks.

Can hamsters eat dried green beans?

Every hamster will react differently to dried green beans. You can give your hamsters a tiny portion of these beans to see how they respond to it. If they like it, you can increase the quantity to just a small, one-inch part of dried green beans about once or twice a week.

However, if your hamsters reject the green beans, always remember to remove the uneaten pieces from their cage so that they don’t consume any old pieces of food.

Can hamsters eat raw green beans and green bean seeds?

Yes, you can feed your hamsters raw green beans. If you want, you can also feed them boiled green beans, but it is often best to feed them the original version.

Your hamsters can eat green bean seeds in moderation, so give them just one green bean seed to see if they enjoy eating it first, and if they don’t, make sure to remove it from their cages immediately.

How much green beans can hamsters eat?

Your Syrian and Roborovski hamsters can eat one piece of green bean about 2 times a week, however, for your Dwarf hamsters, keep the quantity to one inch of green bean just once a week.


As long as you feed green beans to your hamsters in moderation, it can be quite a healthy and tasty treat for them. Make sure that you keep your hamsters on a healthy diet of exceptional hamster food and only give them these other foods as an occasional treat.


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