Pet owners who have hamsters know how much their little pets enjoy nibbling on all kinds of small snacks and treats. As a pet owner, you should be aware of which are the safe foods for your hamster and which foods can be dangerous for them. If you are wondering ‘can hamsters eat cucumber,’ then you should know that yes, hamsters can eat cucumber!

However, as it is with any foods that you give your hamsters, you need to be aware of how many cucumbers you can feed your hamsters. Here is everything you need to know about feeding your hamsters cucumber.

If you have Syrian hamsters at home, then you already know how powerful these little creatures are and how much they love to play and eat! You can give your Syrian hamster one or two slices of cucumber twice a week. You should cut the slab into smaller pieces that the hamster can hold in between their little paws so that it is easier for them to eat this vegetable.

As for Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters, these hamsters are much smaller than Syrian hamsters, although, and even more active and playful! You can feed your Campbell’s Dwarf hamster a lower portion of cucumber once or twice a week; just one slice cut up into small pieces, as these hamsters are tiny and need a lesser quantity of the same food as compared to Syrian hamsters.

Winter white’s dwarf hamsters are another species of Dwarf hamsters which make trendy house pets. You can feed your Campbell’s dwarf hamsters one slice of cucumber cut up into small pieces once or twice a week.

Roborovski hamsters are like their Syrian hamster cousins; they are larger and can digest more quantities of food. You can feed your Roborovski hamsters one or two slices of cut up cucumbers twice a week to start off with.

Chinese hamsters are a species of Dwarf hamsters, which means that you will have to feed them a lesser quantity of cucumber. Give your Chinese hamsters one slice of cut up cucumber once or twice a week only, as you don’t want to overfeed them. Cucumbers have a lot of water content in them, and overeating this vegetable can cause your hamsters to develop diarrhea, so feed them in moderation, and they should be fine.

In the wild, hamsters exist in many places all over the world and have a varied diet. Since these little animals are scavengers, they hunt for their food and eat whatever they can get their hands on. Wild hamsters eat a variety of wild berries and fruits, vegetables, leaves, plants, and also the occasional small insects, frogs, and even lizards!

You can keep your domesticated hamsters on a healthy, balanced diet of exceptional hamster food that you will find in pet stores. Other than this, you can give your pet hamsters the occasional treat, which consists of vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, nuts, etc. Make sure you read through the list of foods which are safe for your hamsters and which ones are not so that you do not feed them anything toxic.

What are the health benefits of hamsters eating cucumber?

Cucumbers have a lot of nutritional benefits and make an extraordinary treat for your hamsters. Cucumbers have lots of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin A.

The Vitamin K in cucumbers help in bone metabolism for your hamster’s health, while Vitamin C is excellent for their eyesight and their shiny fur. Vitamin A supports a healthy immune system in your hamsters, helping them ward off diseases and illnesses. It also lowers their risk of developing certain kinds of cancers.

Potassium in cucumbers lowers the blood pressure in your hamsters and also protects them against heart diseases and the risk of stroke.

Magnesium helps the bone health as well of your hamsters and relieves signs of osteoporosis and arthritis.

What are the risks of feeding your hamsters cucumber?

While cucumbers have vitamins and minerals and have high nutritional value for your hamsters, it can be risky to overfeed them as well.

Since cucumbers have a very high water content in them, feeding them too many cucumbers can cause their stool to become very watery, thus causing diarrhea. In turn, this can cause your hamsters to develop dehydration, even though there is so much water content in cucumbers! Be very careful when you feed your hamsters with cucumbers and give them this vegetable only in moderation.

Can you feed dried cucumbers to your hamsters?

Yes, you can feed dried cucumbers to your hamster. Since dried cucumbers do not have so much water content in them, it can be a tasty and healthy treat for your hamsters. However, give them this in moderation as well, as overfeeding comes with its own risks.

Can you feed cucumber peels to your hamsters?

In general, yes, you can feed cucumber peels to your hamsters. However, you must be very aware of washing the cucumbers thoroughly first, so that you can remove any dust, pesticides, chemicals, and insecticides from the skin of the cucumbers. It is best if you feed small, cut up slices of cucumber to your hamsters, however, there is no risk as such if you want to feed cucumber peels to your hamsters. They quite enjoy nibbling on these light peels.

You can give a small slice of cucumber with the peel to your hamster to see how it reacts to it. Some hamsters might love it, while some might prefer the cucumber without the skin. Check to understand what your own hamster likes and then you can continue.

How many cucumbers should you feed your hamster?

As for Syrian and Robowksi hamsters, feed them a slice or two of cut up cucumber twice a week. However, for your Dwarf hamsters like Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, winter whites dwarf hamsters and Chinese hamsters, give them just one slice of cucumber once or twice a week at the maximum.


Your hamsters enjoy eating a variety of foods and treats, but you must be careful not to overfeed them anything. Keep your hamsters on a diet of exceptional hamster food and the occasional safe fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.


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