Hamsters seem to be hungry all the time, and they enjoy nibbling on new and exciting flavors. When feeding your hamster something new, you need to know a few basic do’s and don’ts about what they can and cannot eat. If you are wondering ‘can hamsters eat watermelon,’ then this article will tell you everything you need to know about it. While the answer is, Yes, you can feed your hamster watermelon, here is everything else you need to know about this.

Whether you own the larger species of hamsters like the Syrian hamster and Roborovski hamster, or you have the dwarf species of hamsters like the Campbell’s Dwarf hamster, Winter white dwarf hamster, and Chinese hamsters. You should know that while it is okay to feed your little hamster very little quantity of watermelons, it is best not to overdo it with this fruit.

Watermelon, just as the name suggests, is a fruit which contains a lot of water in it. Too much of this can make your little hamsters have diarrhea.

Since watermelons have a high sugar content as well, and hamsters are quite prone to diabetes, it is best to feed them watermelon in moderation.

As for Syrian hamsters, you can feed them a tiny piece of watermelon, about the size of their paw, once in one to one and a half weeks. Be sure to remove the rind and the seeds!

Campbells’ Dwarf hamsters are a smaller breed of hamsters. You should give them a tiny piece of watermelon just once in two weeks.

Winter white dwarf hamster is just like any other dwarf hamster breed. You should give them a tiny portion of watermelon only once in two weeks.

As for Roborovski hamsters, you can give them watermelon just like you would to a Syrian hamster.

Finally, Chinese hamsters are also dwarf hamsters, and you should typically give them a small portion of watermelon just once in two weeks.

Hamsters can still be found in the wild in many parts of the world. Here, they are mainly scavengers and hunt and pick their foods off the ground. Their diet includes nuts and grains, the occasional fruit, vegetables, berries, and sometimes even insects, frogs and small animals.

As for your domesticated hamsters, a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits along with a healthy mix of grains, seeds, and nuts is the best diet to keep your hamsters on.

What kind of health benefits are there to hamsters eating watermelon?

Watermelons have high water content; however, they are quite low in fat and calories. They also contain Vitamin C, which is very beneficial to hamsters.

If your hamster is refusing to drink water for some reason and you worry about dehydration, then feeding them a small portion of watermelon can be a great way to introduce some water into their diet.

Vitamin C helps your hamsters in building collagen, fighting asthma, and also contributes to healthy and shiny fur on your little pets!

Lycopene is a kind of carotenoid found in watermelon, which is great to fight against heart diseases.

What are the risks of hamsters eating watermelon?

While watermelons have meager calories, they are high in sugar and water content. You should not feed too much watermelon to your hamsters are the high water content in this fruit can make them have diarrhea.

Since watermelons are high in sugar as well, you should feed them in moderation to your hamsters. Your little pets are very susceptible to developing obesity, diabetes, and other conditions that come along with obesity, so be sure to feed your hamsters a tiny portion of watermelon once in a while only.

The watermelon seeds are also risky since your little hamsters can choke on these seeds, so be sure to remove the watermelon seeds before giving it to your hamsters.

Also, keep a close watch on whether your hamster hoards away little pieces of watermelon in their cages. You do not want your hamsters to forget about the stored away watermelon and then get moldy, which is dangerous for your hamsters. Be sure to clean out the cage and remove uneaten pieces of watermelon from the cage.

Is it okay for hamsters to eat dried watermelon?

Dried watermelon can get quite sticky, and if your hamster has a habit of storing away food in their cheek pockets, dried watermelon can contribute to bad oral health. You can experiment and give a tiny, paw-sized portion of dried watermelon to your hamsters to see how they react to the food. However, it is always a better idea to feed fresh watermelon to your hamster rather than the dried version of it.

Can you feed watermelon seeds and rind to your hamster?

Watermelon seeds can be extremely dangerous for your hamsters, as they might choke on the large seeds. The watermelon seeds also contain certain acids which are not suitable for your hamster, so be sure to remove all the seeds before you feed your hamsters with watermelon.

As for watermelon rinds, there is no harm as such in feeding them to your hamsters. However, most hamsters will reject the watermelon rinds simply because they are not tasty. You can try and give a tiny piece of watermelon rind to your hamster and see how they react, but if your hamster rejects it, be sure to remove it from the cage immediately.

How much watermelon can you feed your hamsters?

As for your Syrian and Roborovski hamsters, give them a tiny piece of watermelon, preferably without the rind and definitely without the seeds, once in a week or one and a half weeks. For your dwarf hamsters, it is best to feed them a tiny portion of watermelon just once in two weeks.

Overfeeding your hamsters with watermelon will simply cause diarrhea, and since this fruit has high sugar content, you will be putting your little hamster at risk for developing diabetes and obesity as well.


If you are wondering what the best food to feed your hamsters is, then stick to the particular hamster food you can find in pet stores. Feed your hamsters fruits and vegetables just once a week for a change of taste. Be sure to follow the specific amount of watermelon you are allowed to feed your hamster to avoid overfeeding!


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