If you own hamsters at home which have become a part of your family, then you are always thinking about how you can make their lives more comfortable in your home. Well, your hamsters don’t really need much to be happy; just fresh food and water, a comfortable place to stay, and some entertainment.

When it comes to finding toys for your hamsters, you will have a lot of options. Your Syrian hamsters are a larger species of hamsters, so obviously, when you are looking for toys for them, your first priority should be to see that the toys are large enough for your Syrian hamsters.

Here are some of the best toys for Syrian hamsters that you can get online or in pet stores:

  1. Hamster hideaway: A hamster hideaway is basically a structure which you can put in your hamster’s cage, where they can hide away from external stimuli in case they are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, or are merely looking for a hermit. You will find many different brands selling different kinds of hamster hideaways. They can be made of plastic, cardboard, or other materials. When you are buying a hamster hideaway for your Syrian hamsters, make sure that the enclosure is not too small or stuffy for these giant hamsters. You should also ensure that there are no toxic chemicals and materials used to make the hideaway.
  2. Exercise wheel: Nowadays, you will find the classic hamster exercise wheel available in many different forms. You can find the perfect wheel with bars, or a flying saucer themed hamster wheel or the super silent hamster wheels made of very sturdy plastic materials. When looking for the best exercise wheel for your hamster, make sure that the inner surface of the wheel has an anti-slip design, as it can be straightforward for your hamsters to lose balance and fall off their wheels. You should also avoid buying exercise wheels which have crossbars or large holes where your hamster’s paw can get caught, as it can lead to severe injuries. An exercise wheel for your Syrian hamster should be at least 10 to 14 inches in size.
  3. Tunnels: Tunnels are super fun for your hamsters, and they can spend hours just going in and out and playing in these tunnels. While you will find many amazing tunnels to buy from the pet stores, you can also use DIY methods to make a tunnel for your hamster using just toilet paper rolls or containers. Make sure the hamsters do not have a very tight fit in the tunnel, as they can get stuck or feel claustrophobic.
  4. Play bridge: A play bridge is exactly what it sounds like! It is a little bridge that you can install anywhere in your hamster’s cage. It is a simple yet effective enough toy that your hamsters will enjoy playing on it for hours on end!

When it comes to finding the best toys for your Syrian hamsters, you will find plenty of options. Explore the options to see which toys become a favorite for your hamsters, as your hamsters can also be very picky about their tastes, just like us humans!


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