Can Hamsters Eat Cashews?

When it comes to feeding nuts to your little hamsters, you can never be too safe! Nuts can be an excellent snack for humans, but the high-fat content in them does not make them the best kind of treat for hamsters regularly. If you are wondering ‘can hamsters eat cashews,’ then the answer is yes, hamsters can eat cashews!

However, it is essential to note that you can only feed cashews to your little hamsters in moderation. You should also steer clear of raw cashews, as these are toxic not only for your little hamsters but also for humans! Keep in mind that if your hamster is already a little on the fatter side, it is best that you don’t feed them cashews at all, as it can only make them gain more weight and bring along with it other health issues as well.

Here is everything you need to know about feeding cashews to your little hamsters.

Syrian hamsters are a large species of desert hamsters which make lovely pets for hamster lovers. These hamsters love to eat foods, especially little treats, so cashews can be a tasty treat for them in moderation. If you want to feed cashews to your Syrian hamsters, you can give them one piece of cashew broken into two halves just about once a week, due to the high-fat content in these nuts.

Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters are a smaller species of hamsters which are half the size of the Syrian hamsters. These hamsters cannot digest a very high-fat diet, so you have to be very careful when feeding cashew nuts to these dwarf hamsters. Give your Campbell’s dwarf hamsters just half a cashew about once in ten days only.

Winter whites dwarf hamsters are another species of tiny dwarf hamsters. As these hamsters are very prone to developing diabetes and obesity, you should be very careful when you are feeding them a high-fat treat like cashews. Give your Winter whites dwarf hamsters just half a cashew once in ten days.

Robowski hamsters are a larger species of hamsters which are very similar to Syrian hamsters. These hamsters can digest cashews, but only in moderation. Give your Robowski hamsters one piece of cashew just once a week.

Lastly, your Chinese hamsters are also a kind of dwarf hamster species which make fantastic pets. You can feed your Chinese hamsters cashews but only in moderation, as they are very susceptible to developing obesity and diabetes from a high-fat diet. Give your Chinese hamsters one-half piece of cashew nut just once in ten days.

There are several species of wild hamsters existing all over the world. These hamsters live in jungles and deserts and have a very varied diet. The hamsters feed on vegetables, leaves, stalks, nuts, grains, plants, berries, fruits, and sometimes, even small insects, frogs, and lizards!

Your domestic hamsters have a far more balanced and nutritious diet as compared to these wild hamsters. You should regularly feed your hamsters exceptional hamster food which you will find in pet stores. Along with that, you can also give them occasional treats, which include small pieces of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and leaves.

What are the health benefits of feeding cashews to your hamsters?

Well, this can be quite tricky, as cashews can be a great treat for your little hamsters, but only as long as you feed them in moderation. Cashews contain Vitamin B, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E. along with that; it also has iron and magnesium.

The benefits of Vitamin B in cashews is that they have a direct impact on the brain function, energy levels, and the cell metabolism of your little hamsters.

Vitamin K is vital for bone metabolism in hamsters.

Vitamin E is perfect for boosting the immunity of your hamsters. Of course, Vitamin E also contributes to the right eye health of your hamsters, preventing blurry vision and loss of eyesight.

Iron is essential for your hamster’s body as it helps in boosting the hemoglobin and also in encouraging a healthy and robust immune system in your hamsters.

Finally, magnesium has its benefits in managing the heart health of your hamsters and also aiding calcium and magnesium absorption in their bodies.

What are the health risks of feeding cashews to your hamsters?

When it comes to the health risks of feeding cashews to your little hamsters, the main concern is with the high levels of fat in cashews. Since your hamsters are tiny creatures and cannot digest a very high-fat diet, you should be very careful with the number of cashews you are feeding your hamsters.

Your hamsters are very prone to developing obesity and diabetes, which brings along with them another array of health issues. It is crucial that you feed cashews to your hamsters in moderation only.

Can hamsters eat salted or roasted cashews?

Your hamsters can eat the occasional roasted cashews, but they absolutely cannot eat salted cashews. If you have to give cashews to your hamsters, make sure that they are unsalted only. Also, you should avoid feeding raw cashews to your hamsters, as they are toxic for them.

Can hamsters eat cashew shells?

It is best that you do not feed the cashew shells to your hamsters as they contain ingredients which can be toxic for these little creatures. When you are buying store-purchased cashews, look for the unsalted variety only, and break up the cashew nut into pieces before you give it to your hamster as a treat.

How many cashews can hamsters eat?

You can feed your Syrian and Robowski hamsters one piece of cashew once a week. However, when it comes to your Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, winter whites dwarf hamsters and Chinese hamsters, you should stick to just half a piece of cashew once in ten days.


In case your hamsters are already a little on the heavy side, it is probably best not to feed them a big fat treat like cashews. Keep your hamsters on a healthy diet of exceptional hamster food and allow them these occasional treats in moderation.

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