Your hamsters don’t need much to stay happy in their cages. Some tasty food and treats, freshwater to drink, and fun toys to play with are enough! When it comes to providing fresh water for your hamsters, many pet owners opt for water dishes for their pets. However, water bottles are often thought of to be a better option for your pets, as they don’t leak or drip and ruin your hamster’s bedding.

You can also buy some very interesting looking and functional water bottle holders for your hamster’s water bottle. Here is everything you need to know about the best hamster water bottle holder for your little pets.

How do you use a hamster water bottle holder?

A hamster water bottle holder can be fixed inside your hamster’s cage, where you can attach a water bottle and allow your hamsters to enjoy fresh drinking water without worrying about leaks and drips. The water bottle holders can be kept standing inside the hamster cage, or they can be hung from the cage, depending on your or your hamster’s preference.  

What material is best for a water bottle holder for your hamster?

When it comes to finding the right water bottle holder for your hamster, you can always opt for fun and bright colors and designs. However, one thing you should make sure of is that the material is safe and nontoxic. Your hamsters can end up nibbling and chewing on the water bottle holder, just out of curiosity, and in case the substance is toxic, it can cause a lot of issues for your little pets.

Another thing you should be careful of is that the water bottle holder does not have any sharp ends or edges, as your hamsters can end up hurting themselves with them. Check the dimensions of the water bottle holder as well as the material it is made of to ensure that it is the perfect addition to your hamster’s cage.

How do you clean the water bottle holder?

Once a week, you can clean the water bottle holder with soap and water. Gently remove the water bottle from its holder, and create a mixture of soap and water solution. Using an old toothbrush, scrub the water bottle holder until it is completely clean. Dry the holder properly before fixing the water bottle once again and placing it back into your hamster’s cage. In case you find any cracks, chips, or broken edges in the water bottle holder, you should throw it out and get a new one, as these broken edges can injure your hamster.

You can find many options of water bottle holders for your hamsters either online or in pet stores. Of course, make sure you read the dimensions correctly so that you can get the right size water bottle holder for your little pet.

Allow your hamsters to explore the water bottle and holder on their own, so that they get comfortable with it and can drink water from it, as a new object in their cage can be quite scary for the little hamsters.


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