Sawdust used as Hamster bedding & litter
Those who have hamsters as pets know that these little creatures scare quite easy, and when hamsters are scared, they do two things; pee and poop! Well, did you know that just like your dogs and cats, you can train your hamsters to use a litter box as well? To do that, you need to know about the best kind of litter you can get for your hamsters.

Here is everything you need to know about the best hamster little for your little fur babies at home.  

What is the best litter for your hamster?

Your hamsters require a special kind of litter which is made specifically for their species; the hamster litter should be completely dust-free, as this can cause unnecessary allergies for your little creatures. You should also look for a litter which does not have any added chemicals to it, as it can be unsafe for your small animals.

Typically, you will find that the best kind of hamster litter is made of plant-based materials, such as wood pulp, straw, and paper.  

What are the major ‘don’ts’ for buying hamster litter?

Just because your cats and hamsters can both be trained to use litter and litter boxes does not mean they should be using the same kind of litter. There are a few essential things you need to keep in mind when you are buying hamster litter.

  • Do not ever use cat litter for your hamsters, as this could be extremely dangerous for them. Cat litter usually contains sand or even clay. These small granules are very dangerous, as they can quickly enter the ’hamster’s ears or eyes and cause scratching and other kinds of problems. You should use litter which is made only for hamsters.
  • You should not buy any litter, especially cat litter, which contains added chemicals and ammonia. Your hamsters often have a habit of nibbling on or eating some of their litter, and these chemicals can be hazardous and even fatal for your hamsters. The excess ammonia in cat litter is to cover up the smells, which is not really something you need to do with your hamsters.
  • Avoid using wood shavings and sawdust in your ’hamster’s litter. Some people can even think of using pine and cedar shavings, especially since they smell so good to humans. However, the volatile oils in pine and cedar shavings are dangerous for your little hamsters, so it is essential that you completely stay away from it when it comes to your pets.

How to train your hamsters to use the litter

The process can take some time, especially since your hamsters are tiny creatures and scare quite quickly, so you don’t want to force them into anything. Start by choosing their favorite spot in the cage where they usually relieve themselves. Place a container with the litter, and cover the top with their previously used bedding so that they get a familiar scent. Slowly, your hamsters will explore the region on their own till they are comfortable enough to use the container as their go-to place for relieving themselves. Give it time, and your hamsters will soon be litter box trained!


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