Hamster drinking water from a water bottle
Just like any other creature on earth, your pet hamsters also need regular clean and freshwater for their survival. While many pet owners provide a water dish for their pets in their cage, the dish might not be the best idea, as there is always a chance of your hamster spilling it over and wetting their bedding.

A water bottle inside their cage can be a handy accessory for your hamsters. It gives them the comfort of always having a source of fresh water to drink in their cage, without having to worry about the water dripping or leaking into their bedding.

Here is everything you need to know about the best hamster water bottles you can find on the market.

How do you attach the water bottle to your hamster’s cage?

Most water bottles you will find on the market will come with a specialized attachment or water bottle holder where you can easily hang the bottle to any part of your hamster’s cage. Make sure that you don’t hang the bottle too high, as your small hamsters might find it difficult to stretch and reach the water bottle.  

How often should you change the water in the bottle?

Whether or not the entire bottle is empty, you should provide fresh water to your hamsters every day. Once a day, you should refill their water bottle with fresh, slightly cool water, so that they can drink comfortably till the next day.

What material should the water bottle be made of?

It is best to opt for a BPA free plastic material for your hamster’s water bottle. The nozzle and ball stopper should be made of stainless steel and should be small enough that your tiny hamsters can drink from it without any issues.

The water bottles do not leak water, even if you place them upside down in the cage, as there is a vacuum which is created. Only once your hamster’s mouth comes in contact with the ball stopper or nozzle will the water slowly drip out, so that your hamster can comfortably drink the water whenever it feels the need to.

While many pet owners provide a water dish for their hamsters, a water bottle is a perfect option as well, as it ensures a wholly leak and drip-free solution to their everyday drinking water.  

What is the smallest size water bottle you can get for your hamster?

You will find a lot of unique designs when it comes to buying water bottles for your hamster. While some of these water bottles are large with a high capacity for holding water, the smallest size which you can get for your hamster should be at least 10 ml in size. Even if your hamsters have a very active day, running on their wheel and playing around which can make them very thirsty, the 10 ml water bottle will ensure that your hamsters have enough drinking water for the day.

You must always check that your hamster has enough fresh water to drink every day.


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