When you get a little hamster pet in your home, you immediately start worrying about what the right kind of diet for your little furry friends are. Hamsters have a very delicate digestive system, and they cannot eat everything that you eat, so you need to be very careful. These little creatures are also very susceptible to developing obesity and diabetes, so a high-fat diet is not suitable for them.

If you are wondering ‘can hamsters eat avocado,’ well, the answer is no. However, here is what you need to know about hamsters and avocado.

About avocados

Avocados are a fleshy green fruit with an edible, dark green skin. While avocados can be a favorite amongst humans, these fruits are high in fat and have a high acidic content as well. These qualities make avocados an unhealthy treat for your little hamsters. In fact, even a small piece of avocado contains a very high percentage of fat. And as your little hamsters are already susceptible to developing obesity and diabetes, this fruit will simply be unhealthy for them.

Can you feed avocados to your hamster?

Technically, no, you should not feed avocados to your hamsters. The reason behind this is straightforward. Avocados do not contain any toxic ingredients as such which can harm your hamster’s health. However, due to the acidic content and high-fat content, it is just an unhealthy option for your little hamsters.

However, if you really want to feed avocado to your hamsters, you can give them a tiny paw sized piece of the fruit, just to see how they react to it. Keep a close watch to check if your hamster is eating the avocado or not. In case they reject it, you should immediately remove it from their cage so that it does not rot. Your hamster might just try and eat the old piece of avocado out of curiosity, which can be even more harmful to their health.

What happens if your hamsters eat a little bit of avocado?

In case you have already fed a small piece of avocado to your hamster, there is no reason to worry. Since avocados are technically not toxic or dangerous for your hamsters, there is no actual harm if your hamster has eaten a small piece of this fleshy green fruit. However, you should avoid feeding any more avocados to your hamster, since it is just a fatty food and not suitable for their health.

If your hamster has eaten some avocado, you do not need to immediately rush them to a vet, as avocados are not dangerous for them, just high in fat. Simply avoid feeding avocados to your hamsters from next time!


If you are looking for little treats to give your hamsters, there are several kinds of safe foods you can find to feed them. You should avoid feeding avocados to your hamsters due to the high fat and acid content in them. The best diet for your hamsters consists of exceptional hamster food you will find in pet stores, and you can always give them the occasional safe foods as treats.


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