Pet hamsters are an incredible bundle of joy for their pet owners. When it comes to feeding them with a healthy, nutritious diet, pet owners often wonder what you can and cannot feed them. For those who are wondering ‘can hamsters eat strawberries’? then you can rest assured. Yes, hamsters can eat strawberries!

Most hamsters eat wild fruits, berries, nuts, and grains. When it comes to specific species of hamsters, here is everything you need to know about feeding them strawberries.

Syrian hamsters are a larger species of hamsters, which means that they can eat slightly more substantial portions of food. Since strawberries do not contain a very high content of sugar, you can feed your hamster a quarter teaspoon of strawberry once or twice a week.

Campbell’s dwarf hamsters are smaller species of hamsters and are prone to developing diabetes. You can feed your Campbell’s dwarf hamster a quarter teaspoon serving of strawberries once in two weeks.

Winter white dwarf hamsters are another species of dwarf hamsters; you should feed them strawberries with a lot of caution. Giving them a small portion of strawberry once in two weeks is enough.

Roborovski hamsters are much smaller than Syrian hamsters. It is best to feed them a portion of strawberry as little as their paw only once in two weeks!

Chinese hamsters are another species of dwarf hamsters which are prone to developing diabetes and obesity. You should typically feed your Chinese hamsters very tiny portions of strawberry just about once in two weeks and not more since they might not be able to digest this fruit easily.

In the wild, hamsters are typically scavengers, and they hunt and eat whatever they can. These little creatures are omnivorous which means that they eat wild berries, fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, and even small insects, frogs and lizards in the wild!

As for your domesticated hamsters, you should feed them a well-balanced diet of vegetables and the occasional small portion of fruit, a mixture of grains, nuts and seeds, and a special hamster feed you will find in pet stores.

What are the health benefits of hamsters eating strawberries?

Strawberries are tasty fruits which look bright and tempting for your little hamsters. These fruits have a lot of antioxidants, Vitamin K and magnesium, and lots of potassium! They are also one of those fruits which do not have very high sugar content.

The antioxidants in your strawberries are great for promoting the general health of your hamsters. They help in destroying the free radicles and removing toxins from their bodies, making them healthier and stronger. The antioxidants in strawberries also help in relieving constipation and promoting weight loss in your little hamster pets.

Vitamin K and magnesium are essential for your hamsters, and the best way to get a healthy dose of the components is by occasionally feeding the hamsters with some tasty strawberries! Vitamin K and Magnesium help in promoting bone health in your hamsters.

Potassium in the strawberries helps in keeping the organs of your hamsters healthy and functioning well.

Strawberries also help in keeping the fur of your hamsters healthy and shining.

Can there be any risks to hamsters eating strawberries?

Just like any other fruit, it is vital to feed your hamsters strawberries in moderation. While you can feed your Syrian hamsters and Roborovski hamsters a quarter teaspoon serving of strawberries once a week, when it comes to your dwarf hamsters, it is best to feed them strawberries just once in two weeks.

Hamsters are also prone to developing diabetes and obesity, so keep the fruits intake to a minimum.

As for anything new being added to their diet, you should introduce tiny portions of strawberries to your hamsters’ menu so that they have time to adjust to it and they do not get diarrhea.

You should also be aware of your hamsters storing away or hoarding little pieces of strawberry in their cages, as is their habit. You should clean out the leftover strawberry every day so that they do not get moldy or rot in the cage.

Is it okay to feed your hamster dried strawberries?

It is entirely okay for you to feed dried strawberries to your little hamsters. However, be careful that the dried berries are not additionally sweetened, as this can be very harmful to your hamsters. Hamsters are highly susceptible to developing diabetes, and sweetened strawberries can add to this risk.

Dried strawberries can also be sweet and sticky, so it is vital that you keep a check that your hamster does not store any leftover pieces of dried strawberry in their cage or in their cheek pockets, is it can cause oral problems.

Is it safe to feed strawberry seeds and leaves to your hamsters?

Yes, it is entirely safe to feed your hamsters strawberry seeds and leaves. Since the strawberry seeds are quite small and soft, your hamsters can eat through them quite quickly without choking on them. However, the strawberry leaves can be quite dirty, so be sure to give them a thorough wash before you feed them to your hamsters. Some strawberry leaves once a week, along with a quarter teaspoon serving of strawberry is enough for your hamsters.

How many strawberries should I feed my hamsters?

You can feed the larger species of hamsters which are the Syrian hamsters and Roborovski hamsters a quarter teaspoon portion of strawberry once a week. As for the dwarf variety of hamsters like Chinese hamsters, winter white dwarf hamster, and Campbell’s dwarf hamster, you should just feed them a quarter teaspoon of strawberry once in two weeks. The dwarf hamsters are quite small, and thus, cannot digest too much of these fruits, so it is best to give them only small portions every once in a while. It is crucial that you never substitute any of their usual dietary foods with strawberries.


Just like any other fruits, you should feed strawberries to your hamsters only once in a while for a change of taste. The best diet for your pet hamsters would be to stick to special hamster feed you can find in stores, and an occasional mix of grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.



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