There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that you can occasionally feed your hamster as a treat. You may be curious can your hamster eat peaches, then the answer is yes! Hamsters can have peaches as treat. The sweet tasting, delicious fruit is also my favorite as well as my both hamsters love them!

Cute winter white hamster enjoying eating a piece of peach

There are several species of hamsters still living in the wild all over the world. Their diets mainly consist of wild berries, nuts, grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits which they can hunt for or find on the grounds. However, wild hamsters also eat small insects, frogs, lizards, and other small animals, as they are omnivorous.

As for your pet hamsters, you should typically keep them on a balanced diet of exceptional hamster food. Give them the occasional vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds as treats, but be sure that you know exactly what to give to your hamsters and what you should not give them.

Here is everything you need to know about feeding your hamsters peach; how much you should give them, and how often.

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Peaches?

Syrian hamsters are the larger family of hamsters and make great pets. If you are thinking about feeding your Syrian hamster some peaches, then slice off a small piece of peach, just about the size that they can hold in their paw. You can give them the occasional peach treat once a week, but be sure not to overdo it as peaches are quite sugary.

Can Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters Eat Peaches?

Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters are the smaller, dwarf hamster species which also make great pets. These dwarf hamsters are quite susceptible to developing diabetes and obesity if you give them too many sugary treats. It is best to feed your Campbell’s dwarf hamsters a tiny, paw-sized piece of peach once every two weeks.

Can Roborovski Hamsters Eat Peaches?

Roborovski hamsters are like their Syrian hamster cousins, which means that their diets are also quite similar. You can feed your Roborovski hamsters a small piece of peach once a week, but make sure that the slice is not any more significant than what they can hold in their paw, as you do not want to overfeed them this sweet fruit.

Winter White Dwarf Hamsters Eat Peaches?

Winter White Dwarf hamsters are small, so you can give them peaches, but the serving must be tiny so that they do not overeat it. A little paw sized piece once every two weeks is enough for them.

Can Chinese Hamsters Eat Peaches?

Chinese hamsters are also a kind of dwarf hamster species. Give them a tiny piece of peach once every two weeks, but no more than that, as they are very susceptible to developing obesity and diabetes.

Cute little brown hamster eating a small slice of peach

What are the benefits of your hamster eating a peach?

Peaches are a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These fruits are also quite low in calories and make a wonderful treat for your hamsters every once in a while.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are high for your hamsters’ health, in fact, the vitamin also helps to improve eyesight in your little hamsters. Vitamin A contributes to better fur on the hamsters, giving them a soft, shiny coat.

The nutrients in peaches also help boost the immunity and overall health of your hamster buddies. Antioxidants help remove the toxins from their body and make them healthier.

What are the risks of your hamster eating a peach?

When it comes to your Syrian and Roborovski hamsters, you can feed them a small piece of peach once a week. However, for your dwarf hamsters, you should reduce the quantity to a tiny, paw-sized portion just once every two weeks.

Your little hamsters are very susceptible to developing diabetes, obesity, and the other health risks which come along with obesity. These include laziness, bloating, diarrhea, bone issues, and oral health problems.

Since peaches are quite sugary, you should be very careful not to overfeed this fruit to your hamsters.

Hamsters also have a habit of hoarding away food in their cages as well as their cheek pockets to eat later on. However, with sugary treats like peaches, the fruit can rot, or cause oral and dental problems for your hamster. It is vital that you remember to clean out your hamsters’ cage regularly and get rid of any uneaten peaches. You should also check their cheek pockets for any stores food. Introduce new fruits into their diet in moderation, starting with tiny portions only.

Can you feed dried peach to your hamster?

There are several dried fruits that you can give your hamsters every once in a while as a treat. When it comes to dried peaches, it is best to avoid feeding this to your hamster. The reason is that dried peaches are quite sugary, sweet, and sticky. There is always a risk of your hamster overeating this treat and developing diabetes or obesity.

Since dried peaches can be quite sticky, they tend to stick to the cheek pockets of your hamster. These can be difficult to remove, cause choking and oral and dental problems as well.

It is best that you do not feed dried peach to your hamsters, or give them a very tiny piece of dried peach so they can eat it in one go.

Can you feed peach pits to your hamster?

Your hamsters are quite fond of munching on different kinds of seeds and nuts. However, when it comes to peach pits, it is crucial that you never give this as a treat to your hamsters. The peach pit can get lodged and cause choking, so always remember to remove the peach pits before you feed the peaches to your hamster. Also, remember to wash the fruit very well before you give them to your hamster to get rid of any chemicals and pesticides.

How many peaches can you feed your hamster?

As for your Syrian and Roborovski hamsters, give them a small piece of peach which they can comfortably hold in their paw. Once a week is enough, be careful not to overfeed them as it can cause diabetes.

You can give your dwarf hamsters a tiny portion of peach just once every two weeks, and not more. These little hamsters are far more prone to developing diabetes and obesity, so you should be careful when feeding them sugary treats.


If you want your hamster to be healthy, the best kind of diet is a balanced diet of exceptional hamster food, vegetables, fruits and nuts, and seeds. Be careful about what kind of foods you give to your hamster and remember not to overfeed them.



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