Your little hamsters simply love to explore new things, especially foods. However, the hamsters don’t really know what foods are safe for them, so as a responsible pet owner, you should feed them only the right kind of safe foods. The best diet for your hamsters is exceptional hamster food you will find in pet stores. Other than that, the occasional safe foods are excellent for them as well.

When it comes to feeding hamsters lime, well, there is no question about it. If you are wondering ‘can hamsters eat lime,’ then the answer is No! Lime is extremely dangerous for your little hamsters, and you should never feed it to them.

More about limes

If you have tasted a lime, then you already know that it is extremely acidic. In fact, many humans, especially children, are also not too fond of limes and avoid eating them due to their acidic taste.

Can you feed lime to your hamsters?

Your hamsters have a sensitive stomach and digestive system. When it comes to feeding your hamsters, you have to be very careful about the quantity as well as the quality of foods you are feeding them.

Limes are an absolute no-no for your little hamsters, simply because the acidic content in this vegetable is far too much for them.

In case your little hamsters ever eat a small piece of lime, then it is essential that you take them to your nearest vet immediately. Unlike other foods which are not safe for your hamsters, lime is one food which is absolutely toxic for them. In fact, it can even be fatal for your little hamsters.

If you are eating limes and your hamsters seem curious about the new food, trying to sneak up and get a little taste, make sure that you never give them a piece, even a tiny small piece.

Keep in mind that limes are toxic and can be fatal for them, so avoid feeding any kind of limes as well as citrus fruits to your hamsters. There are a lot of other types of foods which are safe for your hamsters, and you can feed them those foods as the occasional treats. These include some types of nuts, fruits, vegetables, and even leaves.


Your hamsters are very tiny creatures, and as a pet owner, you have to be very careful about the kind of foods you are feeding them. The best diet for your little pet hamsters is the exceptional hamster food you will find in pet stores. However, there are a few other kinds of safe foods which you can give your hamsters as the occasional treat.

When it comes to limes, these vegetables are very toxic for your hamsters, so you should never feed them this food. In case your hamster ever eats a bit of lime, take them to the vet immediately, even before you start noticing any kind of health changes in your hamster.

There are several kinds of safe foods as treats for your little hamsters. Unfortunately, limes are not one of them.


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