Feeding your hamsters a perfectly balanced and nutritious diet does not need to be a mighty task! From fruits to vegetables, seeds, and nuts, there are many kinds of food that you can feed your hamsters. When it comes to specific fruits if you are wondering ‘can hamsters eat bananas’? Then the answer is yes, hamsters can eat a bananas. However, different species of hamsters can digest this food differently, so here is everything you need to know about hamsters and bananas!

A cute Syrian Hamster eating a small piece of banana

Syrian Hamsters have absolutely no issues with bananas so you can feed them bananas just about once or twice a week. Be sure to feed them only a quantity of a quarter teaspoon per feeding, and not to exceed more than twice a week.

Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters are a smaller species of hamsters. These dwarf hamsters are quite prone to developing diabetes and obesity. Since having quite a high amount of sugar content in them. It is best to feed a small serving of bananas to your Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster only once in one and a half or two weeks.

Winter White Dwarf Hamsters are also really tiny, dwarf hamsters. When it comes to feeding bananas to these little hamsters, it is a good idea to stick to a quarter teaspoon serving only once in two weeks, as bananas have high sugar content and you definitely do not want your hamster to develop diabetes!

Roborovski Hamsters, just like Syrian Hamsters, are completely fine with consuming bananas. You can feed a small serving of bananas to your Roborovski Hamsters about once or twice a week, but be sure not to exceed this serving.

Chinese Hamsters are also a small species of hamsters which are quite prone to developing diabetes if you introduce them to a diet high in sugars. Since bananas have quite high sugar content, it is best to feed your Chinese Hamsters a small serving of bananas just once in two weeks.

Hamsters can still be found living in the wild, where they mainly have an omnivorous diet. While hamsters mostly have a menu of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, they can also consume small insects, frogs, and lizards.

As for domesticated hamsters, the best kind of diet that you can put them on is a diet of exceptional hamster food that you will find in pet stores. Of course, you can also feed small portions of fruits and vegetables to your hamsters once a week. There are specific types of fruits and vegetables that your hamster can and cannot consume, so it is essential to know about these before introducing anything new to your hamster’s diet.

Most pet hamsters should maintain a healthy, balanced diet of seeds and nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, carrots, cucumbers, apple, peaches, strawberries, and bananas.

What are the health benefits of your hamster eating bananas?

Bananas are an extremely nutritious and tasty choice of fruit for your hamsters. These fruits are high in potassium, magnesium, and fibers. They also contain a healthy dose of Vitamin B and Vitamin C. However, you should also note that bananas have high sugar content as well.

Bananas contain a high amount of potassium which is crucial for the proper functioning of organs. Since hamsters are very picky about what they eat, the best way to give them a healthy dose of potassium is through a diet of bananas!

Magnesium is another vital component in bananas which are very beneficial for the heart health of hamsters. It can help prevent heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases in hamsters.

The fibers present in bananas are high for the digestive health of your little hamsters and can do wonders for their gut!

Your Syrian Hamsters and Roborovski Hamsters can enjoy a healthy serving of a quarter teaspoon of bananas once or twice every week. However, when it comes to Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters, Winter White Dwarf Hamster and Chinese Hamsters, it is best to stick to bananas just once in two weeks, as these dwarf hamsters are susceptible to developing diabetes from a high sugar diet.

Our Syrian hamster eating a small piece of banana

Can there be any risks of your hamster eating bananas?

As you are already aware, bananas contain a high amount of sugar in them. While it is fine to feed a small portion of bananas to your hamster once a week, overfeeding them can cause issues like obesity and diabetes.

Hamsters are small animals, and you should feed them tiny portions of these high sugar foods. Heart problems, joint pains, and laziness can be just a few of the adverse effects of your hamster becoming obese due to a high sugar diet.

It is also vital for you to clean out any uneaten pieces of banana from their cage regularly so that the fruit does not rot and cause any issues for your hamster.

Introduce tiny portions of banana to your hamsters’ diet at first, since a change in diet can cause issues like digestive problems and diarrhea.

Can you feed your hamsters dried bananas?

Hamsters can absolutely eat dried or dehydrated bananas, however, it is important to remember once again that bananas are high in sugar content. You should typically feed dried bananas in a minimal amount to your hamsters just once a week or once in two weeks.

It is crucial that you do not purchase sweetened dried bananas, as bananas already are high in sugar, and other sweeteners are quite harmful to your hamsters.

Should you feed banana peels to your hamster?

As a general rule, banana peels are suitable for hamsters as they contain the same kind of nutrition as bananas. However, since supermarket bananas have been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals, you should not feed these peels to your hamsters.

If you really want to introduce banana peels to your hamsters’ diet, you can feed them organic banana with their skins.

How much banana can you feed your hamsters?

You should feed your hamsters a serving of quarter teaspoon banana once every week (for Syrian and Roborovski hamsters) and once every two weeks (for Dwarf hamsters). Overfeeding bananas to your hamsters can cause problems like diarrhea, obesity, heart problems and diabetes.


While you can always treat your hamster with bananas once a week or so; you should maintain a regular diet of typical hamster food for the excellent health of your hamster. Stick to fruits which have low sugar content for your little pets.


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