Your furry little hamster pets love to eat all kinds of foods and treats. As a pet owner, it is a pleasure to watch your little hamsters nibble on their diet and enjoy their gifts. However, it is vital that you know what kind of foods are safe for your hamsters to eat. If you are wondering ‘can hamsters eat broccoli,’ then the answer is yes, hamsters can eat broccoli!

Broccoli is a delicious vegetable which is nutritious for both humans as well as their little hamster friends. Here is everything you need to know about feeding your hamsters broccoli.

Syrian Hamsters are a popular species of more giant hamsters which people often keep as pets at home. These hamsters grow up to 6 inches in size and are quite robust. You can give your Syrian hamsters one or two small pieces of chopped up broccoli, about 1 teaspoon serving, about 2 to 3 times a week. Be careful not to overfeed them as broccoli does have a high acid and water content and can cause diarrhea.

Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters are a species of smaller, dwarf hamsters which are also a favorite pet. However, these hamsters are almost half in size as compared to the broader Syrian hamsters. Obviously, this means that you should feed them lesser quantities of food. Feed your Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters a half teaspoon serving of broccoli just once or twice a week.

Winter whites Dwarf hamsters are another species of dwarf hamsters. Very playful in nature but smaller in size, winter whites dwarf hamsters have a great appetite! However, when you are feeding them broccoli, you should feed them half a teaspoon serving of broccoli just about once or twice a week.

Roborovski hamsters are more giant hamsters, just like the Syrian hamsters. These hamsters can digest a more significant amount of food. Give your Roborovski hamsters a one teaspoon serving of broccoli 2 to 3 times a week.

Chinese hamsters are a species of dwarf hamsters, and just like their other dwarf hamster cousins, cannot digest too much acidic, sugary foods. You can feed your Chinese hamsters broccoli in moderation. Stick to half a teaspoon serving of broccoli just 1 or 2 times a week.

All over the world there still exist several species of hamsters which live in the wild. However, in the wild, the hamsters do not have a very healthy or balanced diet, since they are mainly scavengers and hunt and pick their foods. In the wild, hamsters eat fruits and wild berries, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, and even small insects, lizards and frogs!

Domesticated hamsters have a far more controlled and healthy diet as compared to the wild hamsters. Pet hamsters eat exceptional hamster food from pet stores, and the occasional tasty treats of small pieces of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, leaves, stalks and seeds. As a pet owner, it is essential for you to find out which foods are safe for your hamsters and which ones are risky for their health.

What are the health benefits of hamsters eating broccoli?

Broccoli is from the cauliflower family of vegetables and looks like a miniature tree. The tiny green tree has immense nutritional benefits for your little hamsters. Broccolis have Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, calcium, and iron.

Vitamin A in broccoli has a significant role to play in healthy skin, fur, and a robust immune system in your hamsters.

Vitamin B helps your hamsters overall well being, helps in cell metabolism, and also improving their immunity and helping them ward off diseases.

Vitamin C plays a direct role in healthy eyesight of your hamsters.

Vitamin K is excellent for bone metabolism as well as helps in blood clotting for your hamsters.

Calcium in broccoli promotes strong and healthy bone growth in your hamsters.

And finally, iron in broccoli eliminates fatigue and makes your hamster fitter and healthier.

What are the risks of hamsters eating broccoli?

While broccoli has these immense nutritional benefits for your hamster, it is essential that you feed them in moderation. Overfeeding broccoli can result in your hamsters developing diarrhea, and subsequently dehydration. Dehydration is very dangerous in hamsters, so to avoid these problems, feed your hamsters broccoli only in the recommended amounts.

Can hamsters eat dried broccoli?

Yes, your hamsters can eat dried broccoli. In fact, hamsters can eat raw, dried as well as steamed broccoli quite happily.

When you feed your hamsters dried broccoli, give them only a small piece of the vegetable, say about a one teaspoon serving of it, not more than 2 times a week.

Can you feed broccoli stalk to your hamsters?

Just as much as your hamsters love munching on raw broccoli or happily eating dried or steamed broccoli, they love to nibble and chew on the broccoli stalks as well. You can feed your hamsters a small piece of chopped up broccoli stems about twice a week.

However, make sure that you thoroughly wash the broccoli leaf and stalk before you feed it to your hamsters so that you can remove away the dirt, chemicals, and pesticides from the broccoli.

How much broccoli can you feed your hamsters?

Broccoli is a great vegetable to include in your hamster’s regular diet as treats. However, while it is true that you can feed your hamsters broccoli every day, it is best that you do not do that for health reasons.

Give your Syrian and Roborovski hamsters a one teaspoon serving of raw or steamed broccoli about 3 times a week.

As for your Dwarf hamsters like Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, Winter whites dwarf hamsters and Chinese hamsters, feed them a half teaspoon serving of broccoli just about 2 times a week.


The green vegetable that looks like a miniature tree has immense nutritional benefits for your little hamsters. Just for a change of taste and flavor, you can feed your hamsters raw or steamed broccoli in moderation. Be careful not to overfeed this vegetable to your hamsters as you don’t want them developing stomach aches or diarrhea. Keep your hamsters on a healthy diet of exceptional hamster food, and the occasional tasty treats!


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