If you are pondering on the age-old question, ‘Can hamsters eat apple’? Then you have come to the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know about hamsters and apples! Hamsters can eat an apple, however, since there are different kinds of hamsters, you should know about all of them.

When it comes to Syrian hamsters, the answer is yes; they can eat apples. However, be sure to give them in small cubes and not large portions, as they tend to store away food and the apples can rot if given in large quantities. Be sure to remember to remove any uneaten pieces of apple regularly from their cage.

Campbell’s dwarf hamsters are quite susceptible to diabetes. As a general rule, it is best to keep away fruits which have high sugar content from them. It is best not to feed apples to Campbell’s dwarf hamsters; however, giving small quantities to them once in a while can be alright.

Winter white dwarf hamsters are also tiny, and in general, very susceptible to getting diabetes. It is also quite common for these small hamsters to choke on the apple seeds. It is best not to feed apples to these tiny hamsters.

Roborovski hamsters are another kind of hamsters which are very small in size like dwarf hamsters. Just like the other dwarf hamsters, these hamsters are susceptible to diabetes too and are thus best kept away from apples and other high sugar fruits. However, you can still feed them tiny portions of an apple once in a while.

When it comes to Chinese hamsters, the answer is yes; you can feed them apples. It is vital that you remove the seeds from the apples so that the tiny hamsters do not choke on them. You should also cut the apples into small portions so that they are easier to eat, and remove any uneaten pieces of apple from the cage regularly.

There are a few species of hamsters which still live in the wild. These hamsters mainly snack on small fruits and vegetables, seeds and grain, nuts and cracked corn. Some hamsters in the wild also eat small insects, lizards, frogs, and other small animals.

As for domesticated hamsters, a diet of carrots, broccoli, fruits, cucumbers, seeds, kale, cauliflower, peach, celery, apples, and sweet potato are the best option.

What are the health benefits of hamsters of eating apple?

Cute hamster with a bright red appleApples are a prevalent fruit of choice for feeding your little Syrian hamsters. Since apples contain vitamin C, are high in fibers, and antioxidants contain no cholesterol and are a low-calorie food item, most hamsters can benefit from eating apples.

Apples are rich in Vitamin C, which are great for boosting the immune system of your hamsters. A diet of apples can help your hamster become healthier and fight off diseases.

Since apples are high in fiber and antioxidants, they can reduce the harmful effects of free radicles in the hamster’s body. They are also known to ward off certain kinds of cancers in hamsters. The high fiber aspect of apples can help the hamsters in maintaining a healthy gut and digestive system.

As for the dwarf hamsters such as the Campbell’s dwarf hamster, winter white dwarf hamster, Roborovski hamster, and Chinese hamsters, it is best not to feed them apples, since apples have high sugar content in them. These dwarf hamsters are susceptible to diabetes and are thus best kept away from apples.

Are there any risks of hamsters eating apple?

An innate habit of hamsters is to hoard food at a corner of their cage to keep it for later. It is a risk when you are trying to feed apples to your hamster, as the apples can rot and become dangerous for your hamsters. To avoid the situation it is a good idea to give small portions of apple to your hamster and clean out the uneaten apples every day, so there is no hoarding.

As for introducing any new kind of food to your hamsters diet, there is always a risk of your hamsters’ digestive system not being able to digest the fresh food completely. It will cause diarrhea in your hamster. So the best thing is to introduce apples into their diet in tiny portions at first to ensure that your hamster is getting used to this new food.

In case you notice your hamster not being able to digest the apples, it is best to stop feeding it altogether.

Can hamsters eat apples with skin

The answer is yes, hamsters can consume apples with the skin left on. Hamsters may get plenty of vitamins and fibre from apples, and the skin of the apple includes many of these healthy ingredients. To get rid of any dirt or pesticides that could be on the apple’s skin, wash it before giving it to your hamster. Additionally, you should remove the apple seeds before giving the fruit to your hamster because they contain trace amounts of cyanide that, when consumed in large quantities, can be harmful. Overall, if given to your hamster in moderation as part of a balanced diet, apples with the skin on can be a great treat.

Is it good for hamsters to eat a dried apple?

It is not a good idea for you to feed a dried apple to your hamsters. Because a lot of dried apples contain sweeteners which are very harmful to your hamsters, the dried apples are also sticky and not as nutritious as fresh fruit, so you should not feed dried apples to your hamsters.

Are apple seeds and peel safe to feed a hamster?

When we talk about apple seeds, then it is extremely poisonous, even in the smallest of doses to feed to your hamster. Since apple seeds contain cyanide, and hamsters are tiny, even one apple seed can be fatal for your little hamster. Always remove the apple seeds before feeding apples to your hamsters.

As for apple peels, these contain a high amount of fiber and are right for your hamsters’ digestive system. You can leave the skins on the apples when feeding apples to your hamsters. However, remember to wash the apples thoroughly before feeding them.

How many apples should my hamster eat?

Typically, you should feed small portions of apples (after removing the seeds) to your hamsters just about once or twice a week. There is no need to give your hamsters any more apples than this, as there are certain risks to eating apples as mentioned above.

As for the dwarf hamsters, keep the amount to tiny portions maybe once in two weeks, since you do not want to feed a high sugar fruit to your hamsters. You can also entirely avoid giving apples to your dwarf hamsters. Remember not to feed apples to your hamsters every single day.


In conclusion, it is best to stick to exceptional hamster food which is available for your little pets. You can give apples and other fruits to your hamster once a week, which is enough for a bit of change of taste for your hamsters. Stick to vegetables and seeds for your hamsters or particular hamster food.


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