Can Hamsters Eat Hazelnuts?

Humans and hamsters are both quite fond of eating nuts. These tasty and nutritious treats can be a healthy snack when you or your pet is hungry. However, due to the high-fat content in nuts, you have to be very careful about the number of nuts you feed your hamsters. If you are wondering ‘can hamsters eat hazelnuts,’ then the answer is yes, hamsters can eat hazelnuts.

However, depending upon the breed of hamster you have at home, you have to be extremely mindful of the number of nuts you are feeding them. Here is everything you need to know about feeding hazelnuts to your hamsters.

Syrian hamsters are a large breed of hamsters which can grow up to about 6 to 7 inches in length. You can feed these species of hamsters hazelnuts, but only once in a while, as hazelnuts are high in fat content and can make your little hamsters develop obesity and diabetes. Give your Syrian hamsters just one hazelnut once a week, and not more.

Campbell’s dwarf hamsters are a much smaller species of hamsters which grow only half the length of these larger breeds like the Syrian and Robowski hamsters. These little hamsters are very susceptible to developing diabetes and obesity, so you should be very careful when feeding them hazelnuts. Give your Campbell’s dwarf hamsters just one hazelnut once in two weeks only.

Winter whites dwarf hamsters are also a species of tiny hamsters which are much smaller than the Syrian and Robowski hamsters. You should avoid feeding too many hazelnuts to these hamsters as their sensitive digestive systems cannot digest such a high fatty food. If you want to feed hazelnuts to your Winter whites dwarf hamsters, give them only one hazelnut in two weeks only.

Robowski hamsters are like the Syrian hamsters; they are a larger species of desert hamsters, and can thus digest some amounts of fatty foods. You can feed your Robowski hamsters hazelnuts, but only in moderation. Give them just about one hazelnut once a week.

Chinese hamsters are a species of dwarf hamsters. These hamsters love to eat little treats like nuts and fruits. However, due to their tiny size and delicate digestive systems, they should not overeat fatty foods. Give your Chinese hamsters just one hazelnut in two weeks, and not more than that.

In the wild, hamsters survive in many places around the world. However, these hamsters do not have a very steady or balanced diet. The wild hamsters are scavenger creatures, so they hunt and pick their foods of the grounds. The hamsters eat wild berries, fruits, vegetables, leaves, stalks, seeds, grains, and nuts. However, every once in a while, these hamsters will also eat small insects, frogs, and even lizards!

Your domestic hamsters have a far more balanced and nutritious diet, as compared to these wild hamsters. You should feed your hamsters exceptional hamster food which you will find in pet stores as a regular diet. Once in a while, you can even give them these little treats like nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc.

What are the nutritional benefits of hazelnuts for hamsters?

As hazelnuts are very fatty food, you cannot feed them regularly to your hamsters. As long as you give them these nuts in moderation, it can have some benefits for your hamsters. Hazelnuts contain a high content of Vitamin B6, potassium, zinc, and folate.

Vitamin B6 has a vital role to play in your hamster’s body; it maintains healthy red blood cells, skin, and nerves of your hamsters. Hazelnuts provide the right amount of Vitamin B6 and are a great treat as long as you give it to your hamsters in moderation.

Potassium supports the bone and muscle strength of your hamsters. Along with that, it also regulates blood pressure, thus keeping your hamsters fit and healthy.

Zinc has a significant role to play in the immunity of your hamsters. It is also suitable for when your hamsters are suffering from diarrhea. Other than that, zinc also plays a role in wound healing, in case of any injuries.

Finally, folate is an essential compound as it helps your hamsters body in making healthy red and white blood cells. Folate also helps your hamsters to convert carbohydrates into energy, as well as in producing healthy RNA and DNA material.

What are the risks of hazelnuts for hamsters?

As you already know, hazelnuts are quite high in fat, so too much of this nut can be quite dangerous for your hamsters. The reason is that hamsters are inherently prone to developing diabetes and obesity, and too many fatty foods in their diet can catalyze this process. It is vital that you feed your hamsters hazelnuts on rare occasions only, and just as a little treat. You should never include hazelnuts as a part of their everyday diet.

Can hamsters eat hazelnut shells?

The outer shells of hazelnuts are tough, and while hamsters love to crack open shells from nuts, the hazelnut shell is just a little too hard for them. Your hamsters might injure themselves while trying to crack open the hazelnut shells, so you should always open up the shells yourself first. Then give the hazelnut to your hamsters.

Can hamsters eat roasted or salted hazelnuts?

It is essential that you give your hamsters only unsalted and unroasted hazelnuts. Hamsters cannot digest so much salt in their diets, and salted hazelnuts would just make them sick. Roasting hazelnuts once in a while is fine, but you should stick to the plain hazelnuts as a rule.

How many hazelnuts can hamsters have?

When it comes to your Syrian and Robowski hamsters, you can feed them just one little hazelnut once a week. However, for your Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, Winter whites dwarf hamsters and Chinese hamsters, you should not give them more than one small hazelnut once in two weeks.


As long as you remember to give your little hamsters hazelnuts as an occasional treat, it can be great for them. Remember, overfeeding them hazelnuts can be very harmful, so be careful. Keep your hamsters on a healthy diet of individual hamsters food, and allow them these occasional safe foods as treats.


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